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Clean Hands - Sanitiser

Clean Hands - Sanitiser

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Our organic hand sanitising mist is fresh and zesty in aroma and nourishing on the skin.

Nasty germs have little chance when this life changing sanitiser is near by.


Aloe Vera is renowned for its vast beneficial properties and has been used for treating skin complaints since ancient times.

It has shown fantastic results when used to ease symptoms of dermatitis &, psoriasis, and is also beneficial to sooth burns, stings, rashes and other skin bacterial irritations.


Witch Hazel with 14% alcohol has been used for over a century in various cosmetic applications and is suited to all skin types.

Formulated and renowned for removing excessive bacteria.

Essential oil blend of Lemongrass and Sweet Orange.


One of the main components of lemongrass essential oil is citral, a compound found to act as an antimicrobial.

A substance that destroys or suppresses the growth of microorganisms, including bacteria and fungi.

Sweet Orange

Orange Essential Oil is beneficial for maintaining a healthy immunity reducing the signs of bacterial conditions.

 50ml mister bottle


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